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Join to MyFrap! network and protect your kid using smartwatch. Locate your family, friends on the map, define safe zones, alerts and notifications, send voice messages

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About Us

MyFrap! Is a product of BigDotSoftware, company specialized in BigData solutions. What is a genesis of MyFrap! Product? Answer is simple, there was always a problem to meet BigDotSoftware founder at scheduled place and time, so we needed an application to see him on the map:) it’s a joke, but we were guided by similar idea. Every person we talked to, had such situation where knowing friends location was needed. Imagine you are late for a meeting and you lost in the city, or hurrying on a date when you are running out time, or want to be notified when your kids safely reached some destination, or you are courier or service engineer who want to avoid people call asking for your location and estimated arrive time? Those situations can be solved when you know second person exact GPS location, however sharing GPS coordinates is hard sometimes, so here MyFrap! is coming with help. Just download, launch, and use. Simple as possible, doesn’t it? Where the catch is? There is no catch. App is fully free, no ads and it respects your privacy. Still not convinced? Download and test it by yourself, or contact us if you have more questions.


We appreciate any feedback, please share MyFrap! and rate it when you like it. We encourage to report any improvement ideas and bugs, because we really take care about our quality of our services.